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I just love to see people’s excitement when they feel better.

It is one of the things I live for. There is just nothing like that feeling when someone is telling you how much their life has changed and you know you had a small part of it. It’s addicting:)

This morning I am at the YMCA working out and one of our customers was ecstatic. She had just watched my Allergies webinar (http://lifeplususa.adobeconnect.com/p7rd09smmbp/) and she realized that for the first time in years she has not used her allergy medicine, because she has been taking Proanthenols.

Yet, her entire family has been suffering with allergies, because she didn’t realize the Proanthenols were why she had no symptoms (she was taking them purely for the antioxidant support) until she watched the webinar. Guess who will now have their entire family on Pronathenols?

Drugs should always be the last resort. They are simply too hard on the body and lead to too many other problems. The first course of action should always be nutrition. If you have allergies, try Proanthenols. They are safe, and you’ll know within a week if they will be your answer too (take twice your body weight in milligrams). If they don’t help, although they do more often than not, send them back and try something else!

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