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We should be encouraging all people to take a risk on themselves.

I am somewhat “apolitical” because it is my belief that most politicians will say anything to get elected, instead of standing on a platform of their true beliefs. So this example is not an endorsement of either side…just an example of ways of thinking.

An article in the paper today talks about Romney saying “We’ve always encouraged young people- take a shot, go for it, take a risk and get the education, borrow money, if you have to from your parents, start a business.”  To which the paper went on to express that some “Democrats said that his suggestion that young people borrow thousands of dollars from their parents shows that he’s out of touch with ordinary Americans.”

Are you kidding me? Is that where we are as a country? What the heck does ORDINARY AMERICANS mean? Is this supposed to mean that an ordinary person should have no dreams? That it is better to have $150,000 in student loan debt and then hope working for someone else will help you pay that back, if you are lucky enough to KEEP the job?

Guess what? The people who run the companies that these ORDINARY AMERICANS work for? They are also ordinary Americans you moron. Here’s another news flash for these suppression thinking idiots…no one is ordinary. No one has the same DNA. No one has the same fingerprints. Ordinary thinking is a one way ticket to the land of mediocrity. We are not designed to be lemmings. We are not designed to just exist and consume resources. We are all designed uniquely and with purpose.

Our country exists because of people who took risks.  Everything you have in life was someone else’s idea that they acted on….read it…they took a risk. That’s how you ended up with the chair you are sitting in to read this on the computer sitting on your desk that sits on your floor that sits in your house….everything came from taking a risk with passion!

Let’s encourage our young people to explore their pool of gifts and talents. It doesn’t matter where they start from…only that they start and pursue and never quit!

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