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We all want the best for the children in our lives don’t we?

But do we consciously think about how to make that happen? Do we think about it in terms of priority?

We want them to get a good education because that will give them opportunities to succeed in their endeavors. We look for the best opportunities in the activities they enjoy. We seek the best coaches and programs because we want them to excel. These are good things to do, and I certainly tried my best with my children.

But the statistics say that we might be missing the actual boat on helping today’s children have the best life possible. The one thing our children will carry with them into all their activities and educational pursuits is their physical selves. If their bodies and brains aren’t working properly no amount of other resources will compensate for this.

When  the fastest growing segment of the pharmaceutical drug market is 6 to 10 year old children I would submit we need to take a GIANT step back and reassess our value system as a culture. Properly nourished, active bodies don’t get sick very often and they certainly don’t develop disease states in youth.

Who’s lives do we want to improve….the pharmaceutical executives and stockholders? The fast food moguls? The processed food Giants? Or our children????

It’s time to take action folks. It’s time to put our priorities in order. Let’s not do what’s convenient. Let’s do what’s right. Kids don’t need drugs. Most of what kids are using pharmaceutical drugs for is reversible through simple basic health habits. Let’s teach them right. Let’s feed them right. Then they will have the healthy minds and bodies to take full advantage of the opportunities in front of them.  Dr. Laura Ruby will be blogging all of May on the topic of children’s health. Visit her blog at www.drlauraruby.com and share her posts with every mother you can. Awareness is the beginning of change.

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