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A Challenge is actually an opportunity for personal growth.

I admit, I don’t always see it this way, but that doesn’t make it any less true. When I first encounter an out of the blue struggle, my initial pathetic response, is to think “Oh No” or “why did this have to happen.” Fortunately, I have had enough major challenges in my life that I have learned not to think like this very long. This kind of thinking is dis-empowering. Every struggle I have ever had in my life has led to something positive eventually. Sometimes the good stuff comes quicker than others, but there is a yin and a yang to all things.

In the Chinese language, they use the same symbols to depict crisis as they do to depict opportunity. This is a profound lesson. It is so true.

I know some of you are thinking you are tired of having so much opportunity! This is one of the reason I am such a massive proponent of personal development. Daily effort to grow and expand your mind and your capabilities helps you be in a better position to handle the inevitable challenges life will throw at you. When you learn through challenges you are learning because you are forced to. When you are learning in school you are mostly learning because you are forced to….but personal development is learning on purpose.

So take a little corner of each day, 15 minutes will do, and work on your personal development. When the next challenge comes, and it will sooner than you’d like, you’ll be able to say more readily “this looks like an opportunity for personal growth!”


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