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Your comfort zone should scare you.

Yup, I really did just say that so I guess I need to explain myself.

Your comfort zone is what you think you can handle. Your comfort zone is what you know. Your comfort zone is what you have.

So here’s the meat and potatoes. What you have is temporary. It could be gone at any second. This is reality. You’ll never have enough, to be comfortable because in essence if it can disappear tomorrow…do you really have it? Not really….things are temporary. Money is temporary. Heck, life is temporary. Being comfortable in the material world is setting ourselves up for worry, fear, and pain. Don’t let material things define your life. There fun to have, but life is more.

What you know is limited. You know what you know. But in comparison to what you don’t know, its so tiny you can’t see it. It’s not just you…its me too and everybody else. How can we be comfortable in what we know when we know so little? It would be better for us to comfortable in what we don’t know since there is so much more of it! Get out and experience new things. Learn new things….because what you don’t know can be hurtful. Let’s not bury our heads and take what we are fed by the media as the world we know…its not.

What you think you can handle is the biggest comfort zone cage. You can handle sooooooo much more than you think. There have already been many times in your life when you were faced with a situation that you thought you couldn’t handle….but you did. In sports, coaches push their players well beyond what the players think they can handle…and guess what? The players begin to realize that they can handle more than they thought!

So, here is an action step you can take. For today, extend yourself just a bit. Do something that is a tad bit uncomfortable. Stretch yourself. And you know what? You’ll survive it. AND, you will have moved your comfort zone out a hair.The more you step outside your comfort zone, the bigger it will get. The bigger it gets, the less of a life limiter it will be. Don’t limit your life. You are too important. You have too much to contribute.



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