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Giving, in general, makes me feel incredible, but when I hear about major life change and achieving goals and that I was a catalyst in the process, that is a massive helping of feel good!

I just got back from a major event I attended, and also a training (about 600 people) I conducted. At this event, was 2500 or more people, most of whom are not part of my organization, but many of whom use my book “The Process” as their platform for building their business, and who have been to training sessions that I’ve conducted.

There were many moments for me where someone came up to me and thanked me profusely because they had significant success in the past year and it was because of my teaching. Now, I know it is not my teaching that created their success, rather it was their willingness to work the process in the way it needs to be worked. The joy I received from all of you who shared with me is amazing. Thank you for coming up to me and giving me this gift.

The other cool thing is that these people were all different ages from a young lady in her early 20s to men in their sixties and everything in between. They all had different backgrounds, most of which did not include business success of any sort in the past. Several of them live in small areas and even different countries where they have little in the way of day to day support, and few marketing materials to work with. What they have in common though is a desire to succeed and a willingness to follow simple steps that work, do it in a nice way, and understand that it is just a process. Again, I want to stress that most of the people are not in my organization, but that doesn’t matter…what matters is that they are moving closer to their dreams and lives are being changed.

Thanks again to all of you for sharing and encouraging me to continue to spread my message of simply opening a lot of doors nicely, sharing your story, and serving those who are ready to take a step. Be a revolution.


Spread the love