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Normal in today’s world means what?

Does it mean that you are like the majority of people? That you fit in? That you don’t rock the boat? That you live like the average person?

Hmmmm….is this a good thing? Is it a good thing to be considered normal? I’ll let you ponder that on your own time as it relates to yourself, but in the meantime let me offer you my perspective on this.

You have your own set of fingerprints. No one else in the world has the same. You have your own unique retina. No one else has the same. You have your own DNA. No one else has the same. So, are you normal? Yes, in the sense that you are unique. True normal is completely unique. Not conformity. No two people are completely alike. So if the concept of normal is to be like others, then normal is a suppression blueprint to live below our true purpose. So let’s embrace the REAL normal and be unique.


are you normal? Yes, in the sense that you are unique.


It takes a lot of energy to try to be among the societal norm. And what is the result. By definition the norm would be the majority. So let’s look at the majority? In general the majority would be at a minimum the 80%, and by some measures the 95%. Either one will yield similar results. The majority in general are struggling financially, mired in poor and diminishing health, and not pursuing their true passions. This isn’t my opinion. This is a fact based on the statistics of the majority. So let’s use the same energy to create the proper normal.

Let’s not settle for the majority way of thinking. Let’s lead the majority to a better way of life. Let’s be an example of what is possible if you develop your God given gifts and properly hone your God given mind and body.  The norm should be a society of flourishing and passionate people who support and encourage each other and who strive to be the best they can possibly be. Even a tree will grow as tall as it can. Why not you? Sure your height is out of your control but your personal growth is how you grow “tall” as a human being.


Let’s lead the majority to a better way of life.

There should be no quiet desperation. There should only be searches for answers and a passion to affect change. Will it be easy? No, because the majority will at first try to keep you with them. They will tell you you cannot be more. And you will be tempted to believe them. You will deal with pessimistic thinking that has been conditioned into you. But they are wrong. Some will come along right away. They will be tired of the desperation. Others will scoff at you at first, but they will watch and as you continue on your journey to a better life they will begin to be drawn into you. They will see the change in your countenance and they will see your attitude and they will begin to see that what you have could be possible for them. And then more of them will join you.

This is the process of human change. It starts with resistance but over time it becomes believable and then it becomes inevitable. Make your stand. Explore your gifts. Never never never settle for less than you can be. God put YOU on this planet to make a meaningful contribution. He gave you all that you need. All you have to do is develop what he placed in you and not only will you have a life in line with what was intended for you but you will naturally lead others to a better life. We can all make a difference. Start now!

Let’s make unique and flourishing the norm.

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