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“Heaven never helps the man who will not act”

It’s been a long time since Sophocles said this, and it is still as true as the moment it left his lips. Because this is a life fundamental. Fundamentals in life don’t change…they’ve worked for thousands of years and they will work for as long as there are people on the planet. It is just a matter of who works the fundamentals.

Being a Christian man I am around many other people who put there faith in God. But often I don’t see these people DOING anything. They simply rest completely on faith. They are struggling with their health, in their relationships, and financially, and they firmly believe that through faith everything will be okay. Unfortunately, the bible clearly says “faith without works is dead.” God will help you but you have to take action. You have to take responsibility. You have to take action.

I am a voracious (I love this word…voracious) reader as most of you know.Right now I am reading Dr. Dave Martin’s book “The Twelve Traits of the Greats.” Dave is a Christian success coach. I do not know him personally, but I can tell you this is a terrific book. Because I read and study and implement so much, and I also author a great deal of this type of material…I seldom come across a book which really hits me…but this one does. This is an excellent book and I highly recommend it for everyone. Here is an excerpt from his chapter on courage:

“The cold, hard truth is that the world doesn’t pay you for what you know. The world pays you for what you do.The world doesn’t reward you for your imagination. The world rewards you for your actions and achievements. This is a simple principle, I know, but it is amazing to me how many people don’t get this. The majority of people I know, even the brilliant ones, get so bogged down in the planning and conceptualizing that they never get out of the starting gate. When one or two of them finally take action, they manage to set in motion all kinds of things that propel them to success. Active people make things happen.”

Don’t talk about it. Do it. Don’t think too long about it. Do it. Don’t plan too long. Do it. You will never regret trying in life, but you will regret not trying. Do it. Don’t worry about doing something perfectly…just do it.


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