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“I will persist until I succeed.”-Og Mandino

There are lots of human qualities that can serve a quest for success. But almost all of them are impotent without persistence. In my eyes, this is the single quality that is common to all achievers.

In life, the victory usually belongs the the one who refuses to quit. Not the smartest. Not the most charismatic. Not the most talented. Not the most educated. The most persistent. It is a success guarantee. Whatever you are trying to accomplish, if you will simply adopt the mindset that you will work at it every day, regardless of the circumstances, difficulties, life situations, fears, times of fatigue, doubts, and everything else that is a NATURAL part of the life process, you will be assured of success.

Does this seem too easy? It should. Because it is. Success is not any harder than taking the same approach you took when you learned how to walk. It never crossed your mind that you couldn’t walk, no matter how many times you fell on your face. You just kept trying. Only through the emotional battering of the negative world around you did you begin to lose the grip on this basic philosophy as you got older. Whatever you are trying to do, if it is within your physical capacity, you can do it if you work at it long enough.

I see so many people who quit in life. They give up on their dreams because they don’t happen right away. And then? Then they settle for less than they can be. Less than they can have. Less than they can do. You know what? The moment they quit trying to grow? They are essentially dead. It will just take a long time to finally stop breathing!

The next time you see a successful person in anything and you think to yourself “I wonder how they…” Stop and recognize that you don’t have to wonder. All they did was persist. And you can too.



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