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What do you do when YOUR ant hill gets trampled?

All over the world today, five year old children…mostly boys…will be trampling on ant hills. It would be an interesting number to know…how many ant hills will be demolished today by a child? I don’t know the number…I only know it’s a big number!

The question is not will an ant hill get trampled…the question that better serves us is what will the ants do? Do the ants sit around the ruins of their once magnificent city and cry about the injustice? Do they run around blaming each other for the poor location they established? Do they chastise one another for the poor ability to defend their city? Do they give up?


In a few days the ant hill will be rebuilt. And if it is destroyed again, it will be rebuilt again.

This is the lesson. Many of your ant hills in life will be knocked down. Things you have have toiled for. Perhaps it’s an investment portfolio. Maybe it is a big client. Maybe its a relationship, or a physical setback…..these are all metaphorical ant hills. It is not a question of whether your ant hills in life will get knocked down…it is only a question of what you will do?

An ant is smart enough to understand that life happens and that all the lamenting in the world won’t make it right. The ant immediately takes action. Some ant hills are bigger than others…so they simply take longer to rebuild. Sure, human nature is to say “why me?” And you know what? It’s okay to think this….we all do…the key is not to stay in this place too long.

Whatever ant hills you are building…you will have them trampled on from time to time…remember the ant. You are certainly as smart as an ant!

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