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The biggest waste of time for anyone attempting to build a business is the time spent trying to convince someone who is resisting.

If you have ten people sitting around a table and you put a bowl of oranges on the table, some people will be happy about this. They will grab one and start eating. Others will ignore it as if you didn’t even place them there. And still others will suggest that it would be better if you had placed apples on the table instead.

This is a simple example of the nature of people. They are all different. When you are building an enterprise it would be smart to remember this. For every ten people I talk to about my opportunity, whether it is an opportunity to be healthier, or an opportunity to create more income, I know for certain, that regardless of what I say, or how I say it, some people are just not going to be interested in what I have to offer. Regardless of how good the offer is.

This is just the way it is. This is why I teach the easy style of growing a business that I teach. Be nice, be honest, and be respectful of the people who are not ready to act on your offer. This will keep the door open for the future when things change and they WILL be ready for your offer. More importantly though, is that I don’t spend a second convincing. Every second I spend trying to get someone to do something they are not ready or willing to do at the moment is highly wasteful and unpleasant. It is going against nature. You see when I am trying to convince someone it makes both of us uncomfortable so I am hurting the relationship and eliminating future opportunities, and I am also missing the opportunity to be HELPING someone else who is ready at the moment!

So the key is to work quickly and nicely through many people, so that you can find the two out of ten who are ready to take action at this moment. This is working WITH nature. It’s like flipping over cards as quick as you can to find an Ace. You don’t know where the Ace is but you know that there ARE four aces in every deck of cards. You wouldn’t waste your time trying to turn a Jack into an Ace would you?

Look for the two. If you find more in each ten, good for you, but don’t expect to, just look for the two in each ten. But go through each ten as swiftly as you can. This is how you make the nature of people work in your favor. Remember this: Some will and some won’t.

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