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It is what you do when no one is watching that matters most when you are in a situation where someone IS watching.

People love praise and recognition. Regardless of what they say. They love it when someone notices there work. They love it when someone acknowledges their efforts. They love it when someone speaks highly of them. It feels good and anyone who says it doesn’t matter is being false.

When someone recognizes you, it is typically because of some result you produced. Perhaps you won a race, or you had the most production in your business in that month, or you were promoted. Whatever it is usually is based on a tangible, and often measurable  result that is being observed.

The ironic thing about this, is that the key to having a praiseworthy observable result is all the things you do when no one is looking. The seemingly invisible toil.

We all have watched an athlete achieve a victory, or a business person accomplish something significant, and think to ourselves how easy they make it look. What we didn’t see was all the sweat and training and persistence that went into producing this easy result. In fact, the greater the accomplishment the less easy it is!


In fact, the greater the accomplishment the less easy it is!


What we observed was the fruit of the effort. We didn’t see the countless hours of struggle and frustration. We didn’t see the mental war as they battled their own self-doubts and the expressed doubts of those around them. We didn’t see all the times they fell down and then got back up and tried again. We didn’t see all they went through when no one was looking.

Whatever you are trying to accomplish…you can. But it will be because you toiled invisibly. Take heart as you toil, you are not actually alone. They are many others climbing their own mountain and running their own race while others sit at home in their easy chair and wonder why they aren’t doing better.

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