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Memorial Day is in honor of those who sacrificed themselves for the sake of their country.

All the men and women who have given their lives so that we can have personal freedom should be remembered on this day. This is why the holiday exists. So today, at the very least, in the midst of scurrying about to get ready for the barbecue, or playing on the beach, or hanging out with friends at the pool, take a moment and pray a prayer of thanks. Thank God for giving them the strength and courage to go to war for us. Thank them for being willing to fight for us. And thank their families for supporting them and then for enduring their loss. Then be thankful for the freedom you enjoy. It is so easy to take freedom for granted isn’t it? We’re free to live the life of our choosing (within the confines of law of course). This is a gift that many people in the world DO NOT get the opportunity to enjoy. They live under tyranny. They live under suppression and corruption. They live under the constant threat of genocide. They live under the constant threat of no food or water.

We in the developed nations live in a much freer way. We should embrace our freedom daily. We should honor the sacrifice our fallen veterans have made for us every day. How do we do that?

By embracing life. By exploring our gifts and talents. By not letting little fears rob us of our freedom. Do you realize if you are not pursuing what you want in life because you are afraid, then you are stealing your own freedom? The cage in the mind is every bit as limiting as the oppression of a harsh ruler. What a waste for someone to die for our freedom so that we could willfully imprison ourselves living a life of someone else’s choosing because we were afraid to take a chance on ourselves!

Each day, because you are free, represents an unlimited abundance of opportunity for joy and self-expression and exploration. A free life is so big you can never find any boundaries…so why put any in place?

Honor their sacrifice-Let yourself out! Go after life with all you’ve got..because YOUR freedom is still on the line every day.

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