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“A man’s gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men.”

Okay, so you want this in laymen’s language? It’s simple. You are blessed with your own unique gifts, talents, and affinities. These are what you are supposed to use to make a meaningful contribution in this world. These are some of your blessings.

It’s quite natural, for some reason, to look at those around us and wish we possessed some of their gifts. For years I envied people who were naturally outgoing. I thought to myself that if only I could be more like that I could do something. That was a waste of time and only served as self-suppression. I had no idea of the treasures God had given me, because I was too focused on what I wasn’t blessed with to see what I WAS blessed with.

When you focus on what you aren’t, you feel powerless. You feel helpless. In some ways you can even feel hopeless. These feelings are the enemy digging in deep to keep you from making an impact. A powerless human being is a useless human being. Not much good will come.

God gave you your gifts so that you could excel. So that you could bring him Glory in your efforts. Don’t let fear and worry keep you from trusting God and your gifts. Whatever your gifts are use them. If you are working in an endeavor that isn’t using your gifts, you will struggle. You will be going against the grain. Figure out how to use your gifts in the work…this is when you will flourish. If you are having trouble figuring out how to use them, pray and you will get the answer eventually.

At the same time though realize that most everything that is in line with your gifts will still expose some of your weaknesses. This is life. The key thing is to recognize the weaknesses that are limiting the use of your gifts and then figure out how to overcome this. This post isn’t about strengths versus weaknesses….that would be a long one and would probably take multiple posts to address adequately. The key message here is find a way to use your gifts in what you are doing. If you cannot find any way to use your gifts, then you are probably doing the wrong thing or you need to seek out some coaching because you are missing the forest while you are surrounded by trees,!

You were gifted to make an impact WITH the gifts. Trust them. Use them. If you are struggling with this..let me know and I will help if I can.

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