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A Lesson that Farmers and Every Successful Business Person has Been Following (knowingly or unknowingly) Ever Since….

Jesus sat by the sea over 2000 years ago, and taught the crowd the lessons of the sower (Mark Chapter 4)

Building your business is as simple as this. Each time you share your idea or product you are planting a seed. So, in effect, you are the sower. Some of your seed will be eaten by the birds and never take root. Just like some of the people you talk to will have no interest in hearing about what you have to offer.

Some of your seed will fall on shallow ground, and begin to sprout only to quickly wither. These will be the people who show some interest but ultimately don’t move forward.

Some of your seed will fall on thorny ground. The seed will take root, begin to grow and then the thorns will strangle it and kill it. These will be the people who take the step to become your customer or who join you in your opportunity only to disappear within the first month or two.

Some of your seed will produce. Some will produce a little, some will produce more, and some will produce massively. These will be those that make up the body of your business success.




So here are some nuggets to remember as you plant:

  1. The more seeds you plant, the better will be your yield.

  2. There are no magic seeds. You can’t expect to plant a few magic seeds and then sit back and watch the harvest happen.

  3. Don’t chase the birds. It might give you a little satisfaction to let the birds know how much you dislike what they are doing, but now you have left the field and are no longer planting seeds…this allows the birds to beat you twice as much!

  4. Don’t fight nature. You waste time trying to save a plant on shallow ground or thorny ground. Now you aren’t sowing.

  5. Nurture and protect and invest in what comes up.

  6. Nothing grows from a seed you DON”T plant.

  7. Plant plant plant plant plant plant…

The Process is nothing more than what the sower does. I hope this is helpful for you.

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Many Blessings, Todd

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