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There are no organizations built by a single person.

You don’t have to be a Christian to understand the amazing impact Jesus Christ made on this world. He was, and still is, one of the most influential leaders in the history of the world. He also provides a tremendous example of how to build a network.

If you read the new testament, which to me is the best book ever written on how to live life and treat people the right way…heck, pretty much every “success” principle you ever hear or read can be found in the bible, you will see exactly what principles to use to succeed in building a network.

How did Jesus treat people? With kindness.

How did Jesus spread his message? He, and those he mentored, told their story over and over and over.

I could go on and on about the life lesson examples…but the main message of this post is how to build a large organization. Jesus shows us clearly in the bible once again. He “sponsored” 12 who were committed to building the organization. They came from all kinds of different backgrounds and skill sets. Of this 12, there were three main guys who became the major leaders. James, John and Peter were essentially the “power lines.”

This is the way it is with building a network too. You sponsor as many as it takes to find people who are serious about making a change in their financial life over time. Typically you will need to sponsor five to ten to find one. This is because you are dealing with the human race. The majority in LIFE DO LITTLE…and expect much…don’t expect the majority of people you sponsor to build the business, neither you or I are good enough to change human nature! Sponsor for as long as it takes to find twelve that will do the business.

WHO…CARES…HOW…LONG…THIS…TAKES…you build a network for life…so if it takes you ten years to find the 12 so what? If you want it to happen sooner…fine….work more often and tell the story more often…it is this simple.

When you have 12, there will be three that emerge as the major doers. Again this is human nature. Human nature says that for every population group about 20% of them will be the ones that do the most. You will find the power lines. It will happen over time.

The common thing that all successful people in networking have is that they sponsored as many as it took to find the right ones.


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