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Do you think I am crazy because I want more people to oppose me?

Well I COULD be crazy, and some people might think I’m crazy, but that is not actually relevant here. And the truth is, that it’s not so much that I want people to oppose me, as it is what that represents.

You see, I’m a non-confrontational person naturally and I’m pretty sensitive too. It used to be that if someone didn’t like me or said something unkind about me, it would really hurt my feelings and I would dwell on it. But over the course of my maturation…at least the maturation so far I should say, I learned a little something about how valuable other people’s opinions are in general….to sum it up…”not very.”

Sure there are some people’s opinion that I value a great deal depending on our relationship and my respect for their knowledge in certain areas…but in general, most people’s opinion is not based on true knowledge…it’s just based on surface…well…opinion…and that is often driven by many factors that usually represent the other person’s limitations and fears.

So what does this have to do with me wishing for opposition? Because I’m trying to make a difference. Because I am stepping out and being bold in my mission. Because in a lot of cases what I know about health and wellness, success, and using the gifts God gave each of us, flies in the face of what someone else “thinks.”

In order to do something meaningful in this world you have to expect that you will be opposed. If what you are doing is truly important, and you are conducting yourself in a nice, honest, and respectful way, and you are living in congruence with what you are speaking…its easy to hold your head high in the face of the opposition.

The more people I hear about that are voicing opposition, the more of a difference I know I am making. Because in order to hear the nay-sayers you have to spread your message and that means you are also changing lives in a positive way. The two go hand in hand. It would be great, especially for my personality type, if I could just spread my message to the people who are receptive to it and who are hungry for the right change in their life. But I can’t. That’s not how it works. I have to spread my message to everyone in order to help people and that means I have to face opposition.

So come on opposition. Bring it! Take your best shot. And when you are finished shooting and the smoke clears I will be standing tall waving my flag with a smile on my face.


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