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Would you rather be forced to make bricks out of straw or be free to do what you want?

I’d be willing to bet you’ve never had to choose between these two! So what am I talking about? I’m referring to the story in the old testament that takes place in Exodus where the Isrealites  have been freed from Egypt and ultimately end up in the wilderness. After a period of time, many of these people were complaining because although they were now free, they had to face an uncertain future. They were afraid of change. So afraid in fact that they would rather go back to slavery and days of making bricks from straw and a meager existence…because this was what they were comfortable with.

How did it happen that most of us don’t like change?

I doesn’t make sense really. Sure, change is a little uncomfortable because it can represent that which we don’t know. Perhaps its because we have cataloged all the negative outcomes in our life which we attributed to a change? After all, society in general thrives on, and is constantly fed, negative input…its everywhere all the time. The irony though is that everything good in our life, and I mean everything, represented a change too! Change is constant. As a matter of fact, in today’s world change is more prevalent and noticeable than at any time in history. Everything is changing faster and faster. It’s a major fact of life…therefore if we resist change we resist life.

Today marks the beginning of the new look for my website. It’s a major change. It will unquestionably be for the better. But guess how I feel about it? Yup, I’m a little uncomfortable with it because I was used to the old site. Now it is still a work in progress. There are some parts that have to be updated, but in general this new version will serve you soooo much better. It will help me to help you. For those of you who are used to coming to the site for my Million Lives Team tools, all you need to do is visit my training web site to see them all http://www.millionlivesteamtraining.com .

Here’s How I Handle Change…

I understand the “feeling” I will have as I leave the “familiar.” So I acknowledge that it will be knew and that I am going through it regardless. Then I remember that I can’t go to second base unless I leave first base….success means change in all things….you can choose comfortable mediocrity or exciting and anxious success…bricks from straw or freedom. Then I go for it. So again, three easy steps….acknowledge, reinforce, do it.


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