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I Would be Willing to Bet That One of The Most Commonly Used Phrases in Our Society is “I don’t have time.”

This phrase is so universally said that it has become an acceptable excuse. And often, that is all that it is…an excuse. In the big picture, if we really think about this phrase, it doesn’t even make any sense. What does it mean to have no time if you are a human being? I think it means your dead!

When we wake up in the morning we have 24 hours until the next time we wake up. Not only do we “Not” not have time….we have all that there is! We have the same amount of time as all the most accomplished people that ever lived, and we have the same amount of time as the least accomplished people that ever lived.

It is Not a Matter of Time, it’s a Matter of Choice

The issue for all of us is not a lack of time, it is a function of our choices on how to utilize the time we have. We cannot affect time, it simple IS. We cannot save it, multiply it, buy it, change it, invest it, manage it, or do any of the other interesting and untrue things we say about it. We can only manage the things we do within the 24 hours we get today. We look at our busy schedules. We see our jobs, our family obligations, our community involvement, and all the other commitments we have and we say “look, see I told you I don’t have time to do…”

What we need to do is look at the things we are committed to and think about those choices. We should evaluate the effect those choices are having on our quality of life in relation to the things that we say we don’t have time for and the impact THEY would be having on our quality of life. In other words, if we assess our true priorities and take complete responsibility for them, we will probably find that we are wasting our time on things that aren’t in line with what matters most.

A Quick Priorities Perspective

Health, Family, Income. What matters most? Hmmmm…this is always a fun one to throw out to a group I am working with, because the disconnect becomes very obvious. For many people, they would scoff at the idea that money would come before health or family. You probably would too. But I ask you…how many times a week do you show up for work? Probably as many times as you have to. Fair enough. Now, how many times a week do you “show up” for your health and your family?

Showing up for your family isn’t just being physically present. It is being fully engaged. Showing up for your health isn’t just having a somewhat healthy meal or choosing a diet beverage…it’s breaking a sweat. And here’s where it happens…”I don’t have time!” Really? It’s all choices.

When it comes to family and health, it takes a little of your 24 hours on a daily basis to keep things on track. The value this will add to the rest of your life is immeasurable by the way…you’ll have more fun and make more money…but that’s an aside. The thing to consider is that if you don’t “have time” for this now, how will you have the time it will demand to fix the problems that will come up? Do you have any idea how time consuming a health crisis is? Do you have any idea how time consuming a relationship crisis is? I hope you don’t have an idea…because if you do you know all too well what I am talking about.

The key to using the time you have to live a masterpiece is choice. The key to choice is priorities and the key to executing properly in your priorities is planning. If you struggle in this area, let me know, I can help. I can teach you the principles of highly successful “life management” such that you will be amazed at how much time it can “feel” like you have. Fell free to reach out to me if you’d like to talk.

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