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But it Feels so Good for the Rest of the Day…

The alarm goes off and I just want to stay in bed for a little longer. I burned the candle the night before and just a little more sleep would feel soooo good. But at what cost? It’s time for today’s workout and I just don’t feel like it. The chatter in my head says “you can take the day off, whats one day gonna matter? You deserve a day off.” I could take the day off. Its in my control. Its my choice. But at what cost?

Do you ever have these little wars with yourself? Of course you do. You’re human. You have them all the time. No one is immune to the struggles with the “dark side.” The side that would have you not be your best. The side that would have you lay around and not do your homework. The side that would have you not grow to be all you are designed to be.

“It Only Hurts For a Minute”

I first heard these infamous words years ago, and I have never forgotten them. And they have made all the difference. They are the absolute truth. When the alarm goes off, no matter how I feel, I get right up. Because I know it will only be a minute before I start to feel alive again. When I step on the treadmill and I just don’t feel like it, I know within a few minutes of doing it, I’ll start to feel good. Think of these six words as the words of personal responsibility.

Personal responsibility is most evident when we do what is best for us to do whether we feel like it or not. Never make the mistake of thinking that today, this minute doesn’t matter. It does.

Compound it and Flourish

There is an amazing compounding effect that comes from letting it hurt for a minute and doing it anyway. You see, you will automatically be doing more than the majority in whatever this applies to. You will be doing more work, taking better care of your body, developing a little more of your skills, and in general steeling you resolve. Each time you do it, you get a little stronger, and the compounding effect of getting stronger increases the speed at which you grow, and multiplies your life results.

As your resolve strengthens, you will have less inclination to even have the little conversation in your head. You will squash the dark side. Let it hurt…it’ll only be for a minute.

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