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Would you rather be lucky or good?

This question might cause your mind to explode if you think about it too long! You’re probably thinking that it would be great if you could be both. And you can. I remember reading or hearing the saying “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.” In general I agree with most of this statement except I would add two more things…

Luck is when preparation, action, and persistence meets opportunity

You can be as prepared as you want, but when opportunity is in your face, if you don’t take action and then persist in continuing to take action, you will probably not have much luck. Sure there are times in life when someone has pure luck. They buy the winning lottery ticket or they get a break that is fast in business or a pursuit. But this is not the path of everyday people.

For everyday people like me, the key is that I don’t stop until I get “lucky.” Which isn’t luck at all…its just perceived that way by those who don’t see all that goes into making the “luck” happen. The truth is that when you work at something for a while, you get good at it, Then as you continue to apply yourself at the same work now that you are good, the results continue to get better.

Luck in general comes from becoming good

So here is the formula for you to become lucky. Decide what it is that you want. Understand that it will be a process of effort and learning and begin to apply yourself. Strengthen your attitude for the times when you won’t feel so “lucky” by reading the right books and interacting with the right people. Continue on the path regardless of the twist and turns or the obstacles in the path. Over time you will become luckier!


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