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Here is a little insight about a book I would want anyone I care about to read.

Some of you who have been following my blog for a while know that I am a voracious reader. Books have been my primary mentors and the instigators for most of the positive life changes I’ve implemented in the last two decades. I have read no less than a thousand personal development/business/success books in the past 25 years. If you see me in the gym in the morning, you see me with five books as I ride the exercise bike. There are always at least two or three on my nightstand next to my bed, and there is at this moment a stack of 12 books that are in my que sitting on my secondary desk in my office.

I guess you could call this a quick book review…

I frequently express my belief that you are a unique person with your own special gifts designed for a purpose and meant to flourish. We all are. No one is designated to be the mediocre one. Mediocrity is ultimately a choice and a choice that leads to a life of quiet desperation, unfulfilled hopes, and wasted gifts. Dr. Dave Martin’s book is the best I have read recently to help break the chains of mediocrity.

The book is practically written, with biblical guidance, and explores each topic in an enjoyable yet insightful way. From the first trait “Responsibility” to the final trait “Generosity” I was dog-earing pages like crazy. I dog-ear pages that hold something I find particularly good. Since I read so many books, and have been studying success and personal development for so many years, I might normally dog-ear 20% of the pages of a good book. You can tell a good book in my library by how many dog-ears it has. Well, Martin’s book has dog-ears on at least 80% of the pages!

I wish it was longer…

There have been several books in the past few months that I was happy to be finished with. When it comes to these kinds of books, I will read it all the way through even if it’s not very good, because a. I finish what I start and b. I still learn from the not so good books. I can truly say that I was left wanting more when the 280 were up and I will read it again very very soon.

I suggest that you click the link, buy the book, and read it as soon as possible.

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