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These two paragraphs from the late Jim Rohn explain how some people seem to know exactly when to “turn it on.”

“If we are intelligent enough to invest our experience of the past, and wise enough to “borrow” the excitement and inspiration of the future by clearly seeing that future in the “mind’s eye,” then past experience and future excitement become today’s servant. The finished product we foresee guides us in our present efforts, making the attainment of the better future an inevitable conclusion. We become pulled by the future and guided by the past because we have chosen to take intelligent action in the present.

The unique ability we have for investing our past experiences and borrowing inspiration from the future is an incredible force. And the good news is-anyone can do it! We all have the capacity for designing the future in advance so that when the new day arrives it is more than it might have been simply because we used part of our past and our future to create it.

The power of the future is an awesome force. What can be has the power to drive us to do all that we can do.

These are absolutely words to guide you. Take them to heart and act with this framework in mind.

In accordance with this…

I may not be blogging quite as much in the coming few months. I am at the beginning of a major product launch that embodies the paragraphs above. In other words, I have experience that dictates that right now I take major action that will carve a new part of myLifeplus Million lives path, because I can see what the future holds with the right action. Of course, I am committed to you and providing good content on an ongoing basis, so I will still be posting regularly…it just won’t be 5-6 days a week as it typically has been.

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