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Isn’t it natural for us human folk to look at others and have a touch of envy for the things we see that we think are better than what we have?

Yeah, I know I didn’t ask that question very eloquently. I could have worded it a lot better….but the messed-up wording is actually appropriate here. Because this is a messed-up topic.

Comparing your lot in life with anyone else’s lot in life is…..messed-up. It is an egregious waste of time, energy, and basically life. You aren’t them and they aren’t you. What you see, is just that…what you see. You have no idea what is underneath and behind what you see. And guess what? Us human’s tend to romanticize a little don’t we? We don’t look at stuff realistically when it comes to the things around us. We think it would be wonderful to be this or that, or to have this or that…because we are only considering the end result…not the reality of the sacrifice and effort and circumstances, and even the truth that is part of the result coming into being.

It’s the Grass is Greener Mentality…

I have watched so many people in my life struggle because they stay stuck in this mentality. Heck, I have spent some time in this mental quagmire myself at times in my life. Regardless of what they are pursuing, they are looking across the way at the other guy, and romanticizing about his grass being greener. After a little while, they leave the pasture they are in, for what they think is a greener pasture. And guess what? After a little while the new green pasture isn’t so green anymore. Then they start thinking about another pasture that is greener and off they go again. After a while, this pasture isn’t so green anymore…..

What is the deal?

Running after greener pastures is a waste. The wise man knows that if his pasture is not as green as he would like it to be, then he must develop better skills in tending it. It is rarely the problem of the pasture. The world is full of fertile pastures in business, relationships, you name it and there is abundance awaiting. The problem is not in the pastures. The issues is with the gardeners!

It doesn’t matter how many times a gardener changes pastures if he is still the same gardener. But when you become an adept gardener, you can find a way to create excellence in most any garden.

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