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The most important opinion about your goals is YOURS

The bigger your goal, the more people who will tell you that it’s not going to happen. If you share it of course. A lot of you who have big goals probably don’t even share it with many people, because you don’t want to hear the negative stuff. I don’t blame you. It’s unfortunate that people feel the need to project their own self-defeating limitations and fears onto others….but they do. The key thing for you, is to be clear that these negative thoughts are theirs, not yours.

Whatever is in your heart to do, you can do. That’s why it’s in your heart. You feel drawn to do it. You get excited by the idea of doing it. God has blessed you with your own unique gifts and talents and affinities. You are supposed to accomplish big things with these blessings. We aren’t placed on this earth to merely consume…we are here to contribute. The biggest contributions come from those who pursue to the end, the things that are in their heart. It doesn’t matter what it is.

Put it out there

Instead of shying away from telling the world what you intend to accomplish, you need to boldly proclaim it. Yes, you will have those around you who tell you that you are a dreamer. Thank God you are. Without dreamers, we would still be living in caves and huts and foraging for our food every day! Everything around you from the chair you are sitting on to the device you are reading this on was a dream! Ignore the naysayers!

The other side of the proclaiming concept is that the believers and encouraging voices will show up too. They won’t be the majority though…we know what the majority gets and does….little. This is their choice of course. I’ve written about this before and I will again in the future…but the “majority” is sick, struggling financially, unfulfilled, poor thinking, and lots of other stuff you don’t want to be. They can rise up if they choose, but the point is that there will be more voices against you than for you.

But there will be voices for you…

It will probably be about two people out of ten who will support you. They will encourage you. Some will join in and contribute something to your cause. Some will join in and run the race with you. Some will come for a season and some will come for the whole journey.  These are the people you need to hang out with.

If someone talks poorly about my goals, they don’t get much opportunity to do it. Why? Because I don’t spend time with them. I let them sit on the sidelines and watch if they’d like, but I don’t engage them. If they try to yell louder,  shut them off further. Why should you let their small thinking influence you? Associate with those who believe in you. But you have to proclaim your goals to know who they are.

So here’s a short list of what to do when you set a big goal:

1. Tell the world

2. Identify who is FOR you

3. Take action everyday

4. Study “the word” and apply the principles

5. Study other high achievers

6. Pray for strength and wisdom

7. Frequently debrief your actions and results to make adjustments

8. Keep balance with your health and your family

9. Focus on the joy in the process

10. Accept that there will be difficulties

11. Pursue until you accomplish.

This list is off the top of my head, so you might have some other stuff to add…add it…its you list and your goal. Proclaim it and do it.






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