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NO (Nitric Oxide) is an integral part of virtually every cellular response in the body, and plays a major role in the function of the cardiovascular system, immune system, nervous system, and is essential for the health of many organs. NO is what your blood vessels use to stay dilated (open) so that blood can flow more easily and efficiently. Arginine is the key element for the production of NO, which is produced less in the body as we age, therefore increasing the demand for arginine.

A Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded in 1998 for the research on NO and L-arginine (this led to the development of Viagra).  NO was called the “molecule of the year” by the American Academy of Sciences and has been the subject of over 20,000 studies. The results are astounding.

Studies confirm the following

Heart/Cardiovascular: Arginine derived NO (ADNO) relaxes the arteries, including the coronary arteries. Arginine is a thousand times more potent than any other naturally occurring antioxidant in the body which minimizes the oxidation of the cholesterol that leads to plaque build-up. Columbia Researchers called Arginine “the magic bullet for the cardiovascular system”.  One study demonstrated that the effectiveness of arginine on vasodilation was similar to that of regular exercise.  Arginine is a powerful resource for the prevention and treatment of high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, high cholesterol, stroke, and angina.

Sex Organs: Men and women both require healthy blood flow for sexual performance. Arginine’s impact on the vascular system translates to better sexual function for both genders. Arginine is a fast-acting, inexpensive, and safe solution (drugs like Viagra are dangerous and expensive) for erectile dysfunction (ED). One study, found on the NIH website, had 40 participants with ED. At the end of three months 92% had normal sexual function using 1.7grams (X-Cell has 2.66 with another 700 mg available if needed) of arginine daily in addition to a small quantity of OPC. Arginine also improves endurance.

Brain: Arginine enhances long term memory and aids in the communication between the brain and the nerves. The enhanced blood flow in general feeds nutrient to the brain to improve function.

Fitness/Weight Control: Arginine helps maintain the production of HGH (human growth hormone) which boosts lean muscle mass, and preserves bone density. Higher lean muscle leads to less body fat. The impact on the cardiovascular system also increases endurance during exercise, this is further aided by the positive effect on the lungs and when coupled with the influence on HGH enhances the ability to build muscle during exercise.

Lungs: Arginine relaxes the muscles surrounding the airways, and is useful in opening the pulmonary pathways for easier breathing. Helps with Asthma and other lung disorders.

Pancreas: Arginine helps to regulate insulin secretion. This aspect and the vascular effects on circulation make it excellent for Diabetes.

Immune System: Arginine is important for healthy function of many immune system cells.

These are some of the more important functions of arginine. It is also beneficial to the kidneys, the prostate, the treatment and prevention of hemorrhoids, and in helping to remove carbon dioxide waste from the body. The primary sources of dietary arginine are fish, nuts, and red meat.  Since the demands of the body are not typically met by diet as we age, it is important to supplement for prevention and at even higher levels for health issues.

The best blends contain L-arginine, L-citrulline, and L-lysine.

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