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Have you ever spent a lot of time on something and felt like you made no progress?

If the answer to this question is yes, then a new question arises. What were you actually doing? Often when I am coaching someone who has been working at their endeavor and is frustrated with their progress, with just a little analysis, the problem becomes very clear. They have mistaken being involved with being active.

This is especially common in building a network marketing business. Because this is normally a second income for most people (at least for a while), it is usually not prioritized to the degree other aspects of life are. In other words, when all the other things are addressed, if there is time left over, then they work their business. But do they work their business? Here’s where the water can get a little cloudy. Working in the process in order to sponsor and serve is working the business. So if the activity is not related to sponsoring or serving, they aren’t really working the business. They could be doing things related to the business, reading about something, studying something, going to a seminar, planning,etc. But they are not doing the business.

I’ve met people in my career who were in the business for five years, but maybe only have worked the business five days. Yet there perspective is that they’ve been doing it for five years! They have mistaken being for doing.

Activity is the key to success

I’ll take one person who doesn’t know what they’re doing but is willing to talk to people every day, than ten people who know everything but never talk to anyone. Because the one will succeed and the others will not. If knowing was the key to success, then every university business professor would be a wealthy business person…but we know this isn’t true.

Jim Rohn said that Activity is:¬†“The application of all that we know and all that we feel, combined with our desire to have more than we have and become more than we are.

The wonderful thing about building a network from an opportunity standpoint is that you everyday people can know little and succeed greatly if they’ll just take action.

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