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Do you know what the most important asset is in any organization?

It’s the people. We just had our summer Picnic for the local Million Lives team members (well it was originally going to be a picnic, but the earth needed rain more than our event needed sunshine….so it was a party). What incredible people. I feel blessed to serve such a group of people. The even cooler thing is that this group is reflective of the larger part of the organization that is outside of the Maryland area, and in fact, reflective of a high percentage of the people in Lifeplus world-wide.

Nice, caring, fun, honest, real, dedicated, inspiring people. That’s who I get to work with everyday.

All other things that make an organization successful are important (products, management team, market position, compensation, funding, etc.), but they are nothing without great people.

We have so much fun together, that six hours went by as if it was an hour. Everyone contributes, and everyone cares about one another. It’s easy to see why this organization is making such an impact in the lives of so many people and why we are attracting more high quality people.

So, the simple lesson here is to look for quality people. When you find them, treat them with respect and let them know you value them. Listen to them, encourage them, and support them. No individual does something of lasting significance. They always have other good people around them.


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