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Do you ever over-analyze?

Probably a better way to ask this is do you ever suffer from “paralysis of analysis?” You know what I mean don’t you? This is where you have an idea that you are excited about and then you begin to think about the best way to go about it, and you delve deeper and deeper and you begin to think about all the different potential things that can happen, and before you know it so much time has gone by that you have lost your enthusiasm!

I see this all the time in network marketing and specifically when it comes to talking to people. It is natural to want to say the right thing to someone so that they will be interested in becoming your customer or business partner. The challenge with this, is that you are not in the other person’s head. You can only guess as to what might be the right thing. Sure, your guess can be educated if you know a lot about the other person.

Know versus Don’t Know

I break my list down into two categories…people that I know a little about and what their needs might be and people I have no clue about what their need might be. This gives me a better chance at opening the right “door” for someone to want to learn about what I have to offer, but I might still be off base. In the case of the person where I don’t know have any idea about what their true needs are, I simply open the door that I enjoy opening and that has the most universal appeal.

But I don’t analyze and agonize what I am going to say because I know that it really isn’t about what I say so much as it is how I say it. I learned this from experiencing the early days pain of worrying about saying the right thing…trying to be perfect in my approach. All this did was create fear that I would say the wrong thing! You see I could have two prospects that were seemingly in the same situation, and say the exact same thing to both of them, and one responds favorably and the other doesn’t. Why? Because it’s about a whole lot more than this. There are all kinds of factors in the other person’s life from their current situation, to their past experiences, to their desire to make a change. None of this can I truly know at the time of the contact.

Therefore, the best approach is simply to GO. Be nice, honest, and respectful and offer them the chance to learn about the wonderful opportunity you have for them. If you do this the way I teach, even if they aren’t open to it now, they will be open to your contact in the future. And here is a certainty….things will change for them.

Og Mandino said “this day he will not buy gold chariots for a penny, yet tomorrow he would exchange his home for a tree.” This is true in all businesses…the people you are talking to will be in a constant state of change. Just make a nice approach and let the chips fall where they may…and know this for certain: The people who approach the most people, do it consistently, and continue to stay in contact over time, involve the most people in their business. It is this simple.

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