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Being Selfishly Unselfish is an Ideal Way to Work.

Helping other people feels really good doesn’t it? Seeing the deep expression of gratitude in someone’s eyes or hearing it in their voice when you’ve done something that has made a difference for them, has a lasting impact on the way you feel. It warms your heart all day. I feel so blessed that I am able to work in this way in my day to day life.

Of course there is also the need to help yourself in the process isn’t there? And this is where the water can get a little muddy at times. Because human beings are selfish creatures by nature, it is quite natural to be focused on what we need first. From a business perspective, if we don’t make a profit, we cannot continue to conduct business. So finding the way to marry the concept of helping others while helping ourselves can be a bit tricky in practice.

A way to use the natural tendency to be selfish as a catalyst is to work hard to get the feeling that happens when you help someone. This is one of those dichotomous scenarios where you can truly be selfishly unselfish….give of your self because it feels good! The receiver won’t mind this at all.

This little twist in thinking can lead to a major difference in any endeavor over the long run. When we focus on our own other sets of needs, these are where the instant gratification issues come in that can potentially rob us of future abundance. Focusing on the other person is the best way to build truly lasting success, so find a way to keep this in the forefront of your practices and reap the long run rewards.

“I believe that you can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want”-Zig Ziglar

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