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How do you deal with Poor thinking?

“Stinking Thinking” can manifest in many ways. All of us deal with it on a regular basis. The issue is not whether or not you will have these times, the issue is what you do about it. I have learned some valuable things in this area over the years and this brief article will give you my approach to handling it.

If you have been following me for any length of time you have learned that I grew up with a pretty poor perspective. I have dealt with low self-confidence/esteem/opinion for most of my life. I also was granted with the “worry gene” and the “anxiety gene” as it runs rampant in my family tree. In addition I had an over-developed sense of fear for a long time too. None of these attributes positions one for a life of positive outcomes, as we typically get what we expect in life because our actions will tend to bring them into being.

We all have our own set of issues in this arena, some worse than others, and all are exacerbated by our environment, both in our homes and in society as a whole. Negative and gloom and doom abound around us. At least that is what seems to be news. Another thing that plays into this is the ebbs and flows of our emotional energy. Biorhythms are what I hear spoken of on this vein. I know from my own experience that there are just times when I feel a little down, for no good reason.

How to deal with it

Stay fit. In all ways. Physically, spiritually, and mentally. This is the key. This has been my recipe for prevention and as much as possible, cure.

Exercise and nutrition: When you work out on a regular basis and put good fuel in your body, you feel better in general. Your blood flows better and you are feeding the nutrients  and oxygen you need to all corners of your body, including your brain. It’s hard to be down when you feel good.

Rest: This is a hard one some times, but when you get adequate sleep, you have better energy as well. The interesting thing here is that when you do the first thing I listed, you might not need as much to feel good.

Spiritual: I contribute a huge part of my ability to thrive in the face of the negative backdrop of my old thinking to “The Word.” I have been reading the bible faithfully for 21 years now. How can I be down when I know I am uniquely made, and loved by God? If he can love me, that’s good enough for me…and then of course I pray!

Feeding My Mind: For the past 23 years I have been reading everyday from a variety of authors in the self-development world, and it has helped me immeasurably.

Take Action: Take a step, and you will feel better.

Be Consistent

In my coaching discussions with people who are aspiring to be better in life, the negative aspects of their fears and anxieties are always a topic that is at the forefront as an obstacle. One of the key things I share with them is that the things I mentioned as the answer are not like an aspirin. You don’t do them to feel better when you feel bad…as a rule. Of course they will help you to feel better, but the point is to reduce how often you feel this way in the first place!

The key is to do these things every day like a prevention and a growth plan. This consistency minimizes the amount of time you end up having bad thinking in the first place. It is prevention and cure all rolled into one.

You are at the center of your professional success quest. Develop and grow you and your success will be a natural result.



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