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This is from my good friend Dr. Laura Ruby and is a perspective on drugs versus supplements.

Drugs versus supplements

Don’t get me wrong – pharmaceutical drugs have their place and in some circumstances can be life saving, but I truly believe that Americans are “over-medicated” and that many of us can reverse our symptoms or disease with healthy lifestyle changes and nutritional supplementation.    All pharmaceutical medications have what I call a risk versus benefit ratio.  Here are a few interesting stats on pharmaceutical drugs.


  • According to the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA 2008), a minimum of 106,000 people die each year from properly prescribed medications.
  • Overdoses from prescription narcotic pain killers now exceed the number of deaths from both heroine and cocaine combined.
  • http://www.enlightenamerica.com/files/Over-Prescribed.pdf

“The waste bin of science is full of fallen heros like Premarin, Vioxx and Avandia” which combined have accounted for hundreds of thousands of deaths.  Dr.Mark Hyman

We have an illness driven healthcare system

There is abundant evidence that connects specific nutrient, vitamin or mineral deficiency to specific chronic conditions. Vitamin D for example, has been shown to impact more than the skeletal system. There are various extra-skeletal functions that vitamin D is integrally involved in that relate to immune balance and certain cancers.

69 million American take nutritional supplements.  Not one single death has been associated with the nearly 60 billion doses of vitamins and minerals consumed.

Our current healthcare system is an illness driven system that fails to recognize the impact that inadequate nutrients, vitamins and minerals has on our current state of health. Optimal health is only possible in the presence of foundational nutrition. Nutritional supplementation is one of the essential keys to achieving optimal health.

Not all nutritional supplements are created equally

Most of the products on the market are not tested for purity or absorption. This means that many of them will pass through our body without even being absorbed. I strongly recommend the use of pharmaceutical grade supplements which meet the highest regulatory requirements for purity, dissolution (ability to dissolve) and absorption. From a professional standpoint, I have partnered with Lifeplus International because they manufacture pharmaceutical grade supplements that are cold processed (heat destroys the nutritional integrity of vitamins and enzymes) for maximum bio-availability and screened for chemicals, toxins & pesticides.

To read the rest of this article go to: http://drlauraruby.com/recommended-supplements/just-say-no-to-drugs/

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