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The Prophets Have Ancient Wisdom that Always applies to Modern Times.

Zephaniah was during the times of King Josiah. He was a powerful communicator, and Maxwell shares the keys to powerfully communicating a message based on Zephaniah’s example. As you read these five keys think about the message you are delivering in your pursuits…are you operating from this solid of a platform?

1. Believe in your God (Zephaniah had to trust in God to protect and empower him to communicate the message)

2. Believe  in your message (Zephaniah had to be convinced that his word was exactly what the people needed to hear)

3. Believe in your Cause (Zephaniah had to embrace his ultimate cause)

4. Believe in your People (Zephaniah had to have hope that the people would change and buy into his message)

5. Believe in Yourself (Zephaniah had to be convinced that he was the man to deliver this message)

Imagine how effective you can be by operating on this platform.

*Taken from the Maxwell Leadership Bible, page 1141

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