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Regardless of What you are Pursuing, you Must Have Joy in the Journey.

I know you have heard this idea before from me, and probably from many others too. That’s because its true!!! I just got back from my annual Canadian fishing trip. As usual it was a great time with friends and nature. This year the fishing was not as good as years past. We catch two primary species of fish every year (been doing this for 24 years); Bass and Northern Pike.

This year was an exceptionally hot summer and the water was much warmer than normal. As a result, the Pike were dormant. The water has to be in the mid-60s for them to be active. This meant that we caught about half as many fish as usual. When you are fishing all day for eight days, and fishing for big fish, this means there was many stretches without a fish coming into the boat. If the only joy in the fishing was in the catching…most fisherman wouldn’t fish very much!

We had a great time, because the joy is in the process. Yes, the entire time we are trying to accomplish the goal of catching fish and particularly the big one, but the bottom line is that reaching the goal is the cherry on the sundae…and it always should be in life.

Enjoy what you are doing every day. Be grateful that you are able to do it. Do it the best you can. And eventually, you reach the goal, but it won’t be the end, it will just be a place along the way.

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