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The Major Determiner in the Lengths you Will go is your Intrinsic Driver.

Usually when we hear the phrase “its what’s inside that counts” it relates to not judging by what we see. I am not referring to this idea here, but instead this is more targeted towards understanding yourself. In any pursuit you will tend to have some type of tangible goal. A tangible goal, by definition, is something you can touch or easily identify. As such, this will tend to be an on the surface goal, or what I call an extrinsic goal.

The pursuit of an extrinsic goal is necessary because its a visible target, and one that can be progressively measured. However the intrinsic driver is the key to what will truly take place. The intrinsic driver is the deep reason you want to accomplish the surface goal. For some its freedom, or time with their family, or a need to be recognized, or love, or any other of the things that matter to us humans.

This intrinsic driver is the thing that you need to put your finger on. This will affect the lengths you will go to in order to reach your goal. If you don’t identify this, you most likely will not hit your target…because surface representations are, in the end, meaningless.

The reality is that achieving anything of value will be difficult and require persisting and persevering through adversity…the force that takes you through comes from deep inside. So take some time today and sit quietly and really think deeply about what it is that drives you.

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