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The storm is coming – what will you do in the midst of the storm?  Will you run for shelter and ride out the storm? or will you learn how to dance in the rain? (From Dr. Laura Ruby’s Blog)

I wrote the initial draft for this blog as I was sitting on a small beach overlooking the Chesapeake Bay.  Sitting by the water has always had a profound calming affect on me, allowing for my most innovative and creative thinking.  As I look toward the horizon, a storm is brewing.  This striking visual inspired me as I wrote my introduction for this month’s theme, “In the midst of the storm”.

If you have been following my blog you are already aware of my internal struggle between the traditional health care system as we know it and the growing body of evidence that supports the connection between chronic disease, nutritional deficiencies and our toxic American diet.

It’s sounds so ridiculously simple.  I spent the equivalent of 12 years in various traditional health care training programs learning how to diagnose and treat disease, to finally come to the self-realization that  most of the chronic disease we encounter in our society is food-borne.  And that our food is medicine.  To be perfectly honest, it is much easier just to write a prescription. Frankly, that’s what many people want, the “magic pill” rather than to commit to making comprehensive lifestyle changes. Even after explaining that reducing the simple carbohydrates in someone’s diet can improve blood sugar control, many choose the option of starting insulin rather than making lifestyle changes.  As I sit here watching the storm approaching I ask myself the same question….what are you going to do in the midst of this storm?

It’s time to dance in the rain….

I have never been one to take the easy way out.  This is not just about life and death.  More importantly, it is about the quality and vibrancy of our lives.  It’s about saving our children from the horrific legacy being created by the exploding diabesity epidemic.  We need to take a stand…. to “stir the pot” so to speak.

So many people come to my practice looking for answers.  Many young people with a  list of medications longer than most of  the  80 year olds in my practice.  Often…for the rest of this outstanding article go to http://drlauraruby.com/essential-nutrition/in-the-midst-of-the-storm/

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