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How do the People you’re around make you feel?

Hang around with positive, inspired, high integrity people and you can’t help but feel good. I learned many years ago that it is very important in general who we spend appreciable amounts of time with. The reason this is so, is that we are influenced, even if it is subtly, by the energy and perspective of those we spend time with.

I just received a wonderful dose of this lesson in the past week. I was in Heber Springs, Arkansas where I was the Leadership instructor for Lifeplus University (LPU). There were roughly 45 participants in this event. The 5 days I was involved were a mixture of classroom, social time, and team building. It is an awesome experience. The participants are people from across the world who are from a variety of backgrounds, both family and upbringing wise, educationally, and occupationally.

What these people all had in common is they are committed to improving the quality of their life through building a business that is founded on a platform of helping others. This is a group of people who don’t make excuses, don’t focus on negatives, and who work diligently and ultimately overcome the obstacles that are in their path. In other words, there the kinds of people you’d want to hang around with.

While they expressed tremendous gratitude to me for the tips and instruction I provided, it was I who had the greatest gift. I was able to soak up all this positive energy. It is so refreshing to see this many people in a room who are truly making it happen in life and doing it in the honest and kind way of our model. Wherever possible in your life, choose to be around positive, motivated, forward thinking people. It will make a huge difference in your personal energy.


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