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If you haven’t mastered walking, running is probably not going to work out so well for you.

All around us people are trying to find the quick, easy way to accomplish a significant result. Whether it’s making money or losing weight or getting in shape or anything else, we all would like to get the result we want as fast as possible. The challenge is not the mindset. It’s good to have urgency when trying to accomplish something.

Urgency is an energizer. A manifestation of desire. The trouble occurs when we try to shortcut the basics to satisfy the urgency. Consider weight loss for example. People do all kinds of things to achieve fast weight loss. All of which involve skipping some particular  fundamental in having a healthy weight. And what happens? They gain it all back in a short window of time because they never mastered the fundamentals of living at a healthy weight.

Referral or Network Marketing

I see this malady all the time in networking. People want to skip the fundamentals and find a way to reap the long term rewards without doing the basics. The result is as you would expect. Talking to people, telling your story and the story of what the company and your products and opportunity are about, serving the customer, and working with those that join the business are fundamentals. They can be enhanced by creativity, but never replaced. The challenge is that the time spent trying to create things that short-cut the basics is time AWAY from doing the basics, so there is an opportunity cost to it, with no understanding as to whether it makes a difference.

I have seen, and created many great tools to aid in working the basics. But I have never seen or created anything remotely as good the pure human interaction that comes from working the fundamentals. The bottom line is that the faster you work at the basics, the faster you master them and coincidentally the faster you succeed.

So master the basics first, then see if you can reinvent the wheel later…after you have some success. But remember, the wheel is still round after all these years.


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