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There is a positive and a negative to everything.

It’s a universal law, right down to the protons and electrons that make up molecules. If you look objectively at every situation you have ever encountered, you will see that there was a good side and a “not” so good side. Since this is the way the natural world works, then it follows that we always have a choice as to which side we focus on.

I have had people give me grief at times because they say I’m “always so positive.” I wish that were true. It’s a challenge to be positive all the time, because of the amount of negative focus in the world around us and the constant negative voices surrounding us. But we can choose to embrace the positive, and this is the choice I focus on the most.

My intention is to make the accusation true. I intend to be “so positive.” You ultimately get what you focus on…do you want negative outcomes or positive? You want to succeed? Be positive that you will, behave as if you will, act with the certainty that you will, affirm that you are doing it, pray with thankfulness that you are.

Joyce Meyer says “You can be pitiful or you can be powerful but you can’t be both.” Pitiful is “why did this happen?” Powerful is “Here’s what I am doing about it.”

Life is abundant and you were meant to use your gifts to prosper. Focus on the positive and make it happen. Be powerful.


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