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Our economy promotes disease (This article is directly from Laura’s blog)

Until our current health care system evolves from an illness – driven  to awellness – driven system, the barriers to achieve optimal wellness and chronic disease prevention will stand firm.  This issue is far reaching and goes well beyond the boundaries of our current  health care system – and those boundaries are getting more blurred everyday.  In my last few posts I reviewed the interconnection between our health, politics and the food and pharmaceutical industries and how these factors are impacting the quality of our food and ultimately, our health.

Did you ever stop to think that it is not in everyone’s interest for us to be healthy?

If money rules politics then our nation is not protected from disease-causing frankenfoods, including soda and processed foods, or from unrestricted marketing of the lowest quality, sugar-laden foods to our children – Dr. Mark Hyman.

In a recent 2-part article, Dr. Hyman looks at the connection between money and politics to the rising rate of obesity, diabetes and chronic disease.  The articles offers a comprehensive overview of the factors that are fueling our disease-creating economy.  Click the link to read Part-1 of his article Money, politics and health

I have a challenge for you… for more go to http://drlauraruby.com/essential-nutrition/how-the-american-economy-promotes-disease/

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