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Who are you to say you can’t?

It is all too common for an idea or an inspiration to be squelched by negative thinking. Who among us hasn’t had the thought “Who am I to think I can do …?”

The truth is actually the opposite! That voice in your head that says “who am I to..” isn’t yours. It’s the negative vibes of your surroundings, and the continued assault of the negative voices around you from your upbringing, that you adopted as your own. But they are not. Yours is the voice of inspiration. Yours is the voice of the idea. Yours is the voice of possibility.

As I have heard many times, and Pastor Tim Webster (Uniontown Bible Church) said this morning “God don’t make no junk’.”

A case in point, and perhaps one of the best examples in all of scripture is the Apostle Paul. Paul’s books in the bible have always struck a special chord with me. If you haven’t read them, start now. They are incredibly inspiring. Basically Paul was the worst of the worst and yet he became one of the best of the best (you can read to learn the details).

There is within you the same potential for amazing things as there was in Paul. God made you with your own unique set of gifts and talents. You have amazing possibilities lying within you. So the bigger question to ask yourself is “who are you to doubt that you can do great things?” If it is in your heart to do…it is there because you have it within you to do it. Get out of your won way and DO IT!


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