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It is important on a frequent basis to ask yourself questions to reveal that which you may be missing in your busy life.

Here are a few to stimulate your mind:

What would you do if  you could not fail?

If you had all the money you needed, what would you be doing every day?

It’s five years from now, what would be different in your life than it is today, besides everything being five years older?

Think about all the things you say “when I have time for….” and ask yourself, what are you actually waiting for?

What are your goals?

Write down the excuses you are making for not doing some of the things that are in your heart to do, then ask yourself this question: In the future, if I don’t ever do these things, will these excuses be valid or should I figure out how to do it now anyway?

What thing can I do today, regardless of how small, to begin a positive change in an important area of my life?

That’s enough for today:-) There’s probably several others that are pertinent for you…feel free to go to the nearest mirror and start asking those too!



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