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Pastor Tim Webster said these words in a recent message.

I love the mentality of these words and I believe if everyone grasped the depth of his meaning, and lived it, they would live lives of abundance in all the things that are meaningful to them.

The gist of this phrase is not that you shouldn’t be digging quickly…it is that treasure is not uncovered quickly! The best things in life are not found in the first layer of digging. The best in a human being is not found on the surface. The best of a business pursuit or any other vision you are acting on, is found after years of investing yourself. Years of digging.

If you are focused on uncovering treasure quickly…you will live without  treasure. You will only have trinkets.

Commit to the treasure you seek. Know it will take time and effort and development on your part. Be unwavering in your belief that it will be so, and that each step you take regardless of how small, is bringing the treasure into being. And you will not only have the treasure you seek…you will have  joy in the search.



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