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If you Refuse to Quit, your Goals will have no Choice but to be Realized.

I love reading Joyce Meyer. She is an inspiration to me, and also she has a very simple way of communicating truth. You can accomplish anything if it is in your heart to do, and you do it with all your heart, and you refuse to quit. Here is a passage from a book I am reading by Joyce Meyer:

“It is easy to drift backward, but we must press on to go forward. Effortless living is never effective. Everyone thinks that the more we can get hold of with no effort, the better life is, but that is a lie.

One thing that is wrong with us Americans today, even with our health, is the fact that we don’t have much of anything to do but go through life pushing buttons: get on an elevator, push a button to go to the next floor; put dirty dishes in a washer, push a button and they come out clean; put the laundry in a machine, push a button and they are washed; throw them into another machine, push a button and they are dried-and if they are taken out quickly enough, they don’t even get wrinkled enough to need ironing.

Still we gripe and grumble because we have to load and unload the machines!

Speaking of effortless living and its effects, consider this story: A number of bees were taken along on a flight into space to see how they would handle the experience of weightlessness. In the weightless atmosphere they were able to float in space without any effort. The report on the experiment was summed up in these words, “They enjoyed the ride, but they all died.”

We might think we would like everything to be easy, that we would enjoy an effortless life, but it would kill us. We are created to make effort. Whether we know it or not, we are created for work, involvement, participation and struggle. We are not supposed to struggle with everything, but we are also not supposed to be the kind of people who quit and give up easily.”-Joyce Meyer, A Leader in the Making

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