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Do you realize that everything in your life was seen before it was?

Huh? I don’t blame you for having a puzzled look. In general, people are so limited in their thinking, that they have become “I’ll believe it when I see it” victims. Yea…Victims is a really good word here. Because that is exactly what kind of life this kind of thinking leads to…the life of a victim. A life where life constantly happens to them as opposed to the opposite where they influence what happens in life.

How could it come to be that we could ever be people who only believe what we can see? This eliminates ALL POSSIBILITY. By definition thinking about what’s possible involves an occurrence that isn’t real yet.  Stop for a few minutes and look around you. Everything you can see…EVERYTHING YOU CAN SEE….at one point didn’t exist. Did it just happen by chance? By Magic? NO NO N O…. it happened because someone saw it in their imagination, then acted on the impulse and made it into a reality.

The clothes you wear, the house you live in, the car you drive, the store you drive to, the food you buy…etc. All became possible because someone could see it first.

So the next time you consider something as not being possible…consider this…how could you possibly think this way? Never put a lid on what’s possible…this is the life of a fool. You can do whatever God put in your heart to do…see it, believe in it, do it.

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