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This could apply to anything, but the target is specifically with those of you building a networking business. Be nice,honest,respectful,natural, and focus on what you want and on what is possible…and then work with the true nature of people and building your business is simple and fun. I’m going to give you three areas where you can work with the nature of people and have as much success as you want.

Area one: In approaching people remember that people are by nature selfish. They care about themselves and what they are trying to accomplish or overcome. Speak directly to that. What is it about your opportunity and product that other people want or need? Keep it simple and let them know you have something that helps them, if they are open to learning about it. Simple. Easy.

Area two: By nature 2 out of 10 people in life take action and make things happen. The rest of the world wonders what happens or watches what happens…at least initially.  You are looking for the 2 who are ready to take action to help themselves. It would be great if you could only talk to those 2…but you can’t. You have to speak to all 10 to find the 2. Don’t waste your life trying to convince the 8…let them be the 8….joyfully smile and search for the 2….then do it over and over.

Area three: By nature 2 out of 10 of the people who are taking some action, really take the action. So as you sponsor partners, don’t expect them all to just do what they have to do…this would not be natural…you are looking for the 2 who are truly going to do, of the 10 who took the next step. This is human nature…focus on those who are really ready to change and grow.

When you work with human nature…this is the best and simplest way to grow an income to help your family for life. When you work against human nature this is an exercise in frustration….because your focus is on all the wrong stuff.

Focus on the what’s possible….know that human nature always plays out the way it always plays out. Then have fun and open doors understanding you are looking for the ones who are ready. Follow this easy set of focus and in a few years you will have an income stream you are quite happy with.


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