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What do you think about when you look at the ocean?

I am sitting Gulf side in Pensacola, Florida as I write this. Mel and I are in Florida for one of her follow-up appts. The gulf is a little rough today. A storm is coming this afternoon and the waves are crashing and thundering ahead of the coming rains. Tomorrow the storm will be gone and the waves will be much more gentle.

Life is like this too isn’t it? Some days the storms are all around us and other days it is peaceful and serene. We have to have both or we can’t appreciate either. Neither serenity or storms are good or bad of themselves. It is our perspective and behavior in their midst that makes them so. Storms can be scary and destructive in the moment, yet cleansing and fertilizing for tomorrow. Serenity can seem wonderful in the moment yet lull us into a false sense of security leaving us unprepared for the coming storms.

There is so much good all around us all the time. Sometimes it is hidden in things we don’t understand. The key question is “Are we looking for the good?” I have been accused in the past of being too positive in my outlook. Of course that is someone else’s perspective of me, and not always the truth…but you know what? I’ll take it. I would rather be accused of being too positive than the opposite.

Life IS good. Think about your life in terms of what is good about it…I mean REALLY think about this, and you will be blown away by how blessed you are. Then go about your day from the perspective of how good your life is and look for the good in everyone and everything…and you know what? You’ll find it. And goodness will breed more goodness. You will be a light.

And lights attract and shine on others…

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