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Whether you like it or not, you will gravitate towards what you expect and what you focus on.

For many years of my life, I was a glass is half empty kind of person. Actually, that is too positive of a self-assessment…I was a “the glass will probably be empty any minute” kind of person! I could give you all the reason why this was my thinking tendency, but  my reasons aren’t really important…and neither are yours if you struggle with wrong thinking. The only thing that matters is changing the thinking.

The only thing that matters is changing the thinking.

It doesn’t just matter a little bit, it is critical to your future health, happiness, and success, that you think the right way. Why do we get what we expect? Because we behave in a way that brings it into being. If we expect things to go wrong, then we will be operating under this cloud. It will diminish our efforts and it will give us false signals that things are going wrong when they really aren’t. Expect things to go wrong and they will. Expect things to go right…and the opposite will happen. We will strive harder, we will see the positive signs, we will display the right attitude. And things will go right.

Focusing is the same way. Anything in your future has two sides you can choose to focus on. What you consider good and what you consider bad. Whatever you think about the most is what will most likely happen. If you are worrying all the time about something bad, you are actually focused on it. You are unconsciously bringing it closer to you. Why not focus on the good side? Why not focus on the good possibilities?

I’ve actually heard people say that they “don’t want to be disappointed” if it doesn’t work out, so they won’t get their hopes up.

Seriously…how ridiculous is that? If by chance it doesn’t work out the way you’d like…do you think you’ll be less disappointed because you decided to not expect it?????!!!

How about thinking like this?

This good thing will happen. I will work tirelessly, endlessly, and with an expectant attitude. I will not be denied. If it is in my heart, then I have been blessed with the gifts and the ability and the resources to make it happen, and I WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN. I am joyful that I am blessed to even choose to make this pursuit. I am succeeding just by taking a step.

I am telling you as sure as I sit here…focus on what’s good and focus on what’s possible and you will have abundance and joyfulness in your life and it will start when you start.

Here’s a little nugget from one of my daily note cards that I blended together: The Lord has pleasure in the prosperity of his servant, and Abraham’s blessings are mine.” Psalm 35:27/Galatians 3:14



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