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Just because we think something is true doesn’t make it true.

For centuries it was commonly accepted that the world was flat. Everybody believed it and no one disputed it. It was a considered the absolute truth. But it wasn’t true was it? No matter how many people believed it, it never was true.

A Belief, as I once heard said, is just a thought you continue to think.

Now apply this to yourself. How many “world is flat” beliefs do you have about yourself? A large part of the limitations we place on ourselves are really just us believing the world is flat. Self-doubts? World is flat.

Guess what? Your world is round. You can choose to begin believing in yourself any time you want. Oh you’ll still fall back into world is flat thinking…beginning with the immediate thought that this thinking different is bull….but that doesn’t make it true!

Remember, if it is in your heart to do, God gave you the ability to do it….doesn’t mean it will be easy, but it does mean that if you focus on what you can do, and that you are full of blessings, and you think about the positive world is round side…you’ll begin to see a change in your thinking. You’ll begin to think new kinds of thoughts and before long you’ll develop a new kind of belief.

Take it from someone who has walked this path for many years. You can change your belief in yourself…and everything else will follow.

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