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I would much rather work with someone who knows a little and acts on it than someone who knows everything but does nothing.

One of the reasons I enjoyed my MBA studies so much was because the professors who taught my classes were mostly successful in the field of endeavor that related to the class they were teaching. My Accounting and Finance professor had a very successful private practice. My Economics professor was a former star economist on Wall Street. My Marketing Professor had a successful marketing firm. These were knowledgeable people who had been “Doers” with their knowledge.

When I am conducting a seminar, one of the first things I do is let the audience know that I will not be sharing any theory. Everything I ever teach, is steeped in practice. Yes, I have gained a lot of knowledge through study, but only after applying that knowledge has it become meaningful. So if I say to do a certain thing, it is because I have done it over and over and proven it works.

Applied Knowledge is Power

I have met many people who have tons of education, but are ineffective in life. Why? Because they use the education process as an excuse for NOT ACTING. “Oh I can’t do that yet…I haven’t finished studying and I don’t know everything…”

This makes sense if you are a brain surgeon, but not when it comes to most everything else. Most everything else, you learn mostly through doing while you augment the doing through consistent study. You can read about how to ride a bike all you want, but that’s not going to keep you from falling down when you try to ride it.

I see this particularly in network marketing. One guy studies and reads and says “I have to learn everything there is so I know the answers…” and the other guy just starts talking to people and sharing enthusiasm, and looking up the answers or calling his sponsor when he doesn’t know the answer…guess who builds the business? Guess who learns faster? I know people who have spent 10 years studying and analyzing everything they can about the pros and cons of every aspect of the business…and you know what? They haven’t DONE anything. And of course I know lots of the opposite. I know people who have made fortunes because they just do it and keep doing it. They don’t listen to any of the analysis and they spend little of their own time in analysis…they do, do,do, evaluate, adjust, do, do, do, evaluate, adjust, do, do, do.

Learn what you need to learn to take a step…and then take a step. Then keep taking that same step over and over and you’ll be learning all kinds of stuff while you do it AND you’ll be succeeding.




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